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All garments are custom-made only according to customer orders and requirements. We offer th epossibility to customize garments to the minutest details, such as having two or more colors of the sleeve and the collar, the front, and the back, as per the customer specifications and order quantities from 50 pieces per design.

We are determined and consistently improve our quality management systems by upgrading technology, capabilities, and infrastructure. We  strive to provide superior products which are both eco-friendly and competitively priced to our customers. Our factory is fully licensed and is certified to GOTS. From the sourcing of raw materials, and environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labeling, textiles certified to GOTS provide a credible assurance to the consumer.

About us

Fashion Production Management Services

We offer the best fashion production advice on delivering your fashion label to the market. Our aim is to work with you throughout the process of creating and implementing your vision to ensure you get the right advice. We plan and manage this process for you and are with you every step of the way. The team has been in the industry for decades and we can assure you that they will help to make your designs come to life.

Pattern Making and Garment Cutting Services

Etnovia – Dainava group sewing House has the resources and experience to manage all of your pattern-making and garment-cutting requirements. Pattern-making is an art form and requires knowledge and accuracy, and choosing the right business to do this for you is a very important decision. As a full-service fashion production management service, we will work with you and guide you through this part of the production process preparing you for the next stage - sampling and manufacturing.

Sampling and Clothing Manufacturing Services

It is truly an exciting time to see a new fashion label product come to life in a sample garment. It is crucial to get this right before manufacturing. The Etnovia Dainava group sewing House garment sampling and manufacturing service offers designers and businesses a streamlined process due to the extensive experience in garment production. We work only with selected professional sample machinists and manufacturing businesses, in Europe and overseas. The manufacturing process is complex, we securely guide you along the way to make the best decisions for your fashion label.

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