Manufacturing pants and jackets for snowboarding and skiing, very important is to take an eye on small details, what helps You enjoy holidays. We, as a sewing house, offer You a full range of our facilities, including material and all needed accessories selection, adding modeling, prototype sewing and sms quantity for collection.

Life Style

Nowadays, running or cycling wear means more, than only sportswear for us, it is a lifestyle for many city people, who are so busy –  working, hurrying to manage their own concerns, that the only one choice to relax it to take a breath during Your lunch or just after work by jogging in parks or near the seacoast. That is the reason, why we call this section of jogging, hiking, cycling, fitness and other out and indoor sports a CITY LIFESTYLE.


What is important by producing a teamwear? We believe, that importance is in a high-quality sublimation, in fixed and reach colors, in a high-quality accessories selection, like elastic transfers and of course in suitable materials. ALL THIS –  offers You ETNOVIA sportswear!